Andy Pennell and Scott Nonnenberg are looking for your opinion…

Debugger Window Menu Items: Where should they be?
The VS debugger since 7.0 has put most debugger windows on the Debug menu, under the Windows sub-menu. I say 'most' because the Output window lives on the View menu, under Other Windows sub-menu.

Where do you expect debugger windows to be on the menu? (Ignore Output for now, we intend to fix that one independent of this). Your choices are:

  1. Where they have been since 7.0 (ie under Debug/Windows)
  2. Where every other window is (ie under View/Debugger Windows)?

We can't agree, so need the communities feedback.

If you have an opinion on this (I'm for #2 myself), chime in on the comments to Andy's post.

Comments (1)

  1. Taki Stewart says:

    My vote is for putting them under 2. View/Debugger Window.

    I’ve been a C# developer for 3 years and I still look for the immediate window under View from time to time.

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