Ended the “Most anticipated release” poll…

And (hopefully the formatting will work out ok in the blog) here are the results 🙂

What release are you most excited about?
Halo 2:
Visual Studio .NET 2005:
SQL Server 2005:
None of the above:
Total votes: 444

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Comments (6)

  1. Might have been interesting if you had added "Shrek 2" as an option.

    To me the results seem unsurprising given that the voting demographic have 1 thing in common: that is, they use VS.

    Within that demographic you have sub-sections of: gamers, database guys etc, so, I think that the votes were pretty much going to fall that way.

    Including Shrek would have added an option which could compete with the same share of the voting audience.

  2. Sonu Kapoor says:

    I cant believe that there are so many people waiting for Halo2. I am not even a fan of playing video games.

  3. Don Newman says:

    What would have been interesting would be to compare the anticipation level for VS 2005 with the first release of VS.Net

  4. Dave Rothgery says:

    I love console games, and have an Xbox, but don’t have the reflexes for Halo, so I voted for VS2005. Now if KotOR II was on the list, I might have had to think about it a bit…

  5. Sam says:

    Instead of Halo, you should have had Half Life 2… its been in development and been delayed for about as long as SQL Server 2005 has…

  6. Sonu Kapoor says:

    I remeber the time where I had an Amiga 500 from Comodore. I loved to play adventure games like Monkey Island or Indiana Jones 🙂

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