Whidbey docs up on MSDN’s lab servers…

Check out this link to go right to the VB section... lots of great info in there... or check out the C# section here.

(found via the VSTO2 blog...)

Note that this is not a prototype of the next version of MSDN... it is intended to be consumed by the internal browser in Visual Studio... so the non-IE issues mentioned in the comments and the lack of index/search/etc... are really non-issues considering how this material is intended to be used. I post it only to give a little bit more Whidbey information to folks who haven't installed the Community previews.... using it through a normal browser may not provide the greatest experience at this point 🙂

Comments (5)

  1. Luc Cluitmans says:

    I realize you are not responsible for that site, but are there any places where we leave comments? Are any of the designers of that site blogging?

    In particular, why is the most important help branch missing from the index: the .NET framework SDK, and in particular the class library reference? I realize that that SDK is on the website (accessible through links on other pages), albeit with all topics I checked being blank.

    Also, assuming this site is a prototype for the next MSDN web site (as opposed to: "a prototype for the whidbey built-in help", which it of course is as well): are there any plans at all to improve the viewability of the site with other browsers than IE? The pages themselves are just fine (in almost all cases), but the navigation tree substitute is quite horrible on Mozilla, because you can only see the current branch you are in, the context of where you are (parent topic, siblings of parent topic, etc.) is missing.

  2. Dave Rothgery says:

    In the same vein, the code formatting in the VB section is broken; all the line breaks seem to have been eaten (at least in IE6/WinXP).

  3. Urs says:

    Looking through the docs, there seems to be no reference anymore to return value checking, i.e. the VB compiler checks if every branch in a function or property getter returns a value. I remember this was announced for VB 2005. Has this feature been abandoned? If yes this would really be a pity, since it can lead to painful program mistakes.

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