Greggm describes how to debug ASP.NET as a non-admin…

For most folks working with ASP.NET, this should be taken as essential information... Don't let the Whidbey reference in the first paragraph fool you, by the way, this post describes how to accomplish debugging as a non-admin in Visual Studio .NET 2003.
Debugging an ASP.NET application as a non-admin
The debugger team has gotten many requests to debug ASP.NET applications as a non-admin. In Whidbey, the ASP.NET team did a good job solving this problem. Their solution is much nicer then mine. In the mean time, here is a way that you can get this scenario to work in the 7.1 IDE. I hope this helps. If it doesn't work for you, you can post a comment, but don't call PSS. This isn't supported....
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  1. Schneider says:

    Yep, what a pain in the a**.

    I have tried most if not all of these, still have not got it to work. And I’m pretty good in windows.

    Combine this with team dev., and virtual folders, Domains, … , just get worse.

    I’m not wasting anymore time trying myself.

    This should be a wizard or something.

    Hey is there a way to tell my app I’m not a admin even though I am? Then Throw exception when I expect too much privalages?


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