Paul is looking for a list of the ‘best’ VB Bloggers…

Who are the best VB bloggers?

A while ago Eric asked “Who are the best C# bloggers external to MS?” which sparked a similar question in my own mind: Who are the best VB bloggers external to MS? I have my own opinions, but I'm interested to see who people find helpful and/or interesting. Just add your comments and I'll post a list later this months...
posted on Tuesday, June 01, 2004 7:27 AM

from Panopticon Central... click on the link title above and add your comments (votes) for the best VB bloggers...

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  1. Subash says:

    The book written by Paul was very interesting and at the same time it was very descriptive and the information can be taken by freshers who wanna know more about VB.

    Well, I ask Paul to pen down more books in future for the benefit of students, professionals.

    Great Job Paul


    Ur’s Truly.

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