At TechEd and waiting for your questions!

At the Hotel... Day 1 of Tech Ed

Headed over to registration today, very very busy... then to the Cabana with Erik Porter... very very empty.... Erik and I then decided to head off to catch a pre-conference session, but even those were backed up due to the long registration lines. Oh well, back to the Cabana to wait for some great VB questions 🙂

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  1. Chandrashekhar says:

    What code should I write to configure the Outlook for IMAP?

  2. Hi, I’ve got problem when I use WaitCommEvent Function ON Windows XP System with VBA Langage. The error 996 = ERROR_IO_PENDING occur all the time.

    Before call WaitCommEvent Function, I parameters event like this :

    DIM o, async As OVERLAPPED

    DIM nbwrite, test As Long


    DIM myDCB As DCB

    ret = SetCommMask(Open_port, (EV_TXEMPTY Or EV_RXFLAG))

    o.hEvent = CreateEvent(nil, False, False, "emission")

    o.Internal = 0

    o.InternalHigh = 0

    o.Offset = 0

    o.OffsetHigh = 0

    ret = ResetEvent(o.hEvent)

    I transmit character on serial port with :

    … ret = WriteFile(hCommFile, &H5, 1, nbwrite, async) …

    And I wait event in test variable but the result is nul with an error 996

    ret = WaitCommEvent(hCommFile, test, async)

    Else, I don’t arrive to transmit character correctly. Only 7 bits on 8 are transmitted and no parity is emit so I request an even parity :

    Open_port = CreateFile(port, GENERIC_WRITE, 0&, nil, OPEN_EXISTING, FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED, 0)

    ret = GetCommState(Open_port, myDCB)

    myDCB.DCBlength = LenB(myDCB)

    myDCB.BaudRate = baud

    myDCB.bytesize = bytesize

    myDCB.parity = parity

    myDCB.StopBits = stopbit

    ‘myDCB.fOutxCtsFlow = False

    myDCB.fOutxDsrFlow = False



    If SetCommState(Open_port, myDCB) = 0 Then GoTo Open_Port_Error

    ret = WriteFile(hCommFile, &H5, 1, nbwrite, async)

    Thank in advance for your help. You can answer me at

  3. Mike says:

    I have a problem getting True Database Grid to work with VB 6.0 on XP. I get the message "Method ‘Value’ of object ‘RowBuffer’ failed when I run in debug mode in VB. My SQL is working (I can see all my rows in my variables within VB). The Grid is an unbound grid. I installed the Grid software with no problems. I don’t see the Grid as a reference in my VB project. Why not? I’m running V4 of the grid with VB 5.0 on an NT machine without any problems. Any ideas that I can try on XP to get this working?

  4. Mike says:

    Please respond to my prior message concerning True Database Grid at

    Thank You in advance for any help you can send my way.

  5. James Sutterfield says:

    I’m trying to allow users to navigate to a specific directory in a VB.Net app and don’t want them to have to select a file… i.e. just give me the full path they select. OpenFileDialog inherits from CommonDialog and there doesn’t seem to be an ‘OpenPathDialog’. Now, do I have to write my own, or is there something I can just pull in? I don’t see any methods or properties that will allow me to override this functionality.

    Thanks a bunch!


  6. cabrlu says:

    How do you code a Mask Edit Box when a user clicks on a command button used to clear all the fields my email is

  7. Jose says:

    I’ve developed a userform in Excel 2002, when the file is opened by the users, the Excel closes with File Recovery message. The VB is password protected.

    My fix >>I asked them to open Excel application first with a new workbook, goto VB editor and select Microsoft Form 2.0 in Tools References. Open my Excel File with the Program and saved first before activating the userform, This rectifies the problem but the users have to do this everytime they close and open excel again. Is there a fix to this without giving them access to my VB codes or going through the manual process of laoding the object library.


  8. Jose says:

    Please respond to my previous query on

    Thanks for your help.

  9. shashidhar.b says:

    I want to read data from database table and store data into csv file.How is it possible?

  10. Syed Nabeel says:

    Iam developing distributed applications using Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server, DCOM and MTS etc.

    Sometimes the following errors come when any of the client computer connects to the MTS Server throught DCOM. File & Application sharing works perfect, but the COM objects dosent access the MTS Server. I had also set DCOM Security settings through "dcomcnfg" on Server & cleint computers.

    But even this dosent resolves the problem, some errors on cleint are :

    1 – Access Denied !

    2 – DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer Server using any of the configured protocols.

  11. Rakhee says:

    To clear the contents of the Mask Edit Box,add the following code:

    MaskEditBoxName.text = "__/__/____"

    "__/__/____" depends on the format you specified.My format was mm/dd/yyyy for date.



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