TechEd and Rio… IV?

Like Eric, Brad, and Paul I will be at TechEd and am participating in the Rio tool for meetings. Feel free to look me up and schedule something if you'd like to talk about.... umm... VB / C# / Coding 4 Fun / MSDN ... or whatever...
Comments (4)

  1. Richard Acton says:

    Are any of you guys going to be in Amsterdam next month for TechEd Europe as well?

  2. Richard… I’m not going to Europe 🙁 but I don’t really know about any of the other guys…

  3. fanimo igbekele says:

    I want to know the benefit those people in Africa especially myself that I have taken VB as personal study. what is the hope of me in field considering the fact that most of my friend are now showing interest in Java and oracle

  4. Hamed says:

    This site very Good

    I’m Hopy

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