Coming to TechEd? Play Halo for the PC? Have a fast laptop?

In an earlier post, I mentioned I was going to TechEd... and I said I would post my schedule when I figured it out... well, I haven't figured anything out yet, but I wanted to let folks know the most important thing: I will be bringing my Halo PC CD and a hub... so if anyone wants to play, bring your CD and we'll try to figure out a mini-lan party in a hotel room or something similar 🙂

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  1. Mitch Walker says:

    Be sure to get the Halo CE release from Gearbox. This has quite a few performance improvements that should help on a laptop. And of course these command line switches come in handy:

    -use14 : Uses the 1.4 shader models

    -use11 : Uses the 1.1 shader models

    -useff : Uses the fixed function pipeline.

    -useff will give the ugliest looking game, but the fastest. -use11 only loses a couple of effects from the 1.4 model, but runs a bit faster.

  2. Ryan Gregg says:

    I knew I forgot to bring something with me! Maybe I can get someone to overnight it to me 🙂 Where is this going on?

  3. Halo for the XBox is going on at Cabana 5… PC Halo might be set up for you already at the event, I just haven’t figured out where. If you have your own disk though, we might do some impromptue games anywhere we can hookup our laptops 🙂

  4. ibhuioh9 says:

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