101 VB.NET 2003 Videos Released onto MSDN

Recently we launched a series of videos about VB.NET onto the Visual Basic Developer Center, releasing them only a few at a time... but now we've finished that process and all 101 of the videos are available on the site.

Just a little note: If you experience problems watching these videos, you may wish to try installing the WMP9 codecs (or WMP9 itself, although that is not a requirement) or following the steps in this KB article.

Oh, and for those of you who have asked: Yes, we will make them downloadable at some point, but they aren't ready in that format yet. The second most common question has been for a CD/DVD of these files... not sure on that one, I think we will, but I don't have any ETA...

Comments (23)

  1. sujeewa says:

    I have no url

  2. Sujeewa says:

    Please send me the vedios

  3. Sujeewa says:





  4. Sujeewa says:

    i am sujeewa.

    Iwant your details.

  5. Mick George says:


    Either i can’t see the obvious or there isn’t an url to download all of the avi’s?



  6. bill burrows says:


    Will you be telling us the names of the "faces" in the title images? I am sure people would be interested 🙂

    bill burrows

  7. bill burrows says:


    Any plans to put them all on a CD or DVD and make them available in that form?

    bill burrows

  8. Thanks for the linky linky to the KB article. It corrected the problem I was having.

  9. Mike D. says:

    Maybe I misunderstood something. I watched & rated 5 videos then filled out a form but have not received an email in 5 days. I thought the form said I should receive one within 24 hours. Or will the not-for-resale copy be sent to me? I didn’t see a way to get help with this.

  10. Mike D. says:

    I didn’t think to check this before I posted. Just found that Hotmail flagged the message as junk email. It had arrived within 24 hours. Thanks.

  11. SpiderMan says:

    It will be great if MS can provide download or CD of all content.

  12. maford says:

    Either I did not received the email or my msn put it in the junk mail folder. I have checked and can not find the email. Can you please resend the email

  13. I would like to download the movies for off-line viewing. Please make that available.


  14. I just watched four of the videos – they are excellent!!!

  15. Corvus_Raven says:

    Yes, off line would be nice. my codecs still not working right..

  16. Tim says:

    There is a wrong link to the video for handling code snippets.

  17. malakomounis says:

    i need to download them!change the video mode….because they sack!

  18. George R says:

    Same Question as the others

    Any plans to put them all on a CD or DVD or downloads?

  19. Dev says:

    Impossible to view videos on my connection. I get this error message:

    "We’re sorry, the page you are viewing requires a media player plug-in that is not available for this browser. Plug-ins are available for Netscape 4.7x and the latest version of Microsoft(R) Internet Explorer.Internet Explorer"

    I’m using win xp pro, IE6 and wmp9 – all up to date

    what plug-in are they referring to?????????????????

  20. kmsheff says:

    Three things.

    1. The "Code Snippets on the ToolBox" video under "Development Environment" doesn’t show the correct video. It gives a lesson on Control Alignment.

    2. It would be great if we could download the projects along with the videos. Sometimes seeing all the code isn’t easy and play/pause gets annoying.

    3. I love the videos it would be great to see some more. Maybe geared toward GDI. I’d love to see some info on Multipage TIFF images.

  21. Chris says:

    These are really good tutorials! Here’s another request to be able to download the project source code to examine and try out ourselves.

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