SteveJS discusses unmanaged/managed and mixed debugging in VS

Steve Steiner, a developer on the VS debugger team, fills us in on some of the differences between the different types of debugging that VS is capable of...

Unmanaged Debugging vs. Managed Debugging vs. Mixed Debugging.

All versions of VS support debugging both managed and unmanaged code. However there is a big difference between doing one or the other and doing both. GreggM has written about some of the reasons interop debugging is difficult. Here I will refer to debugging both managed and unmanaged at the same time as Mixed debugging.

If you are having stability problems when debugging, one reason may be you are doing Mixed debugging without realizing it....

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  1. says:

    Not knowing where else, or how else, to contact Microsoft without an MSDN subscription on what I suspect to be a VB.Net 2003 bug, I write in frustration concerning the datagrid (windows forms). When I set up a datagrid on a dataview on a datatable, and then delete a record using the datagrid as displayed on the GUI form, and then try to intercept the deletion and stop it, I cannot do it without having funky datagrid displays (not all records show, in fact one and exactly one is missing). I have tried ReverseChanges, a total refresh of the database, and every combination of the change in RowState and reload that I can figure is possible. The only way I can do it is to disable the datagrid, reload the data, and put the focus on a button which, when clicked, reenables the datagrid, thereby forcing the user to be out and then back into the grid. I have also tried datagrid.refresh. Nothing works except the aforementioned trick.

    If you care to, please have someone respond in a way that will enable me to interact with him. Otherwise, just let me know if there is a bug.


    Jack Herr



    North Salem, NY

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