Halo Custom Edition, with support for user-created maps… now available…

I heard this was coming in a few weeks, but it is here now....

This is a free download, but note that you have to have your original CD-Key for this to work.... and that the version that supports custom maps is multi-player only and doesn't ship with any of the original maps... the dedicated server program is included though!!


[Update: Note sure about that 'doesn't ship with maps' comment I made... I read that in an article on the web, but the maps appeared to be there when I played... perhaps the new maps added in Halo PC are missing... but I can't be sure]


Comments (11)

  1. ron says:

    this sounds like a cool feature

  2. chase small says:

    Im TEXAN!!!!!!!!

  3. petermc722 says:

    whats the cd key 4 halo custom edition please

  4. blob says:

    u dumb as it just ur halo cd code

  5. jim says:

    where can i get the original maps online coz mine are corrupted 🙁

  6. bob says:

    how do i install it

  7. billy bob says:

    install it at gamershell.com

  8. MoT says:

    Well can u still use regular halo and play with kids that dont have custom edition

  9. Lex says:

    how do i find and download a halo ce map

  10. Lex says:

    but thats no fun

  11. Gebe says:

    What’s the product key for the demo?

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