Presentation from Francesco Balena on Data Structures for VB Programmers

From Paschal's blog...

Data Structures for VB programmers

Interesting PDF file to understand .NET stuff like basic types, arrays, collections and regular expressions.

Download here

Source: Only4gurus

Good presentation... from a great author. It appears to be a Wintellect presentation, so I hope they intended for it to be posted for free like this...

Comments (3)

  1. Frans Bouma says:

    Why is it especially for VB programmers? Or why does that have to be mentioned? Data structures are data structures and have a theory of their own, which is perfectly teachable with that theory.

  2. rbfigueira says:


    Anyone have this file without that background?

    Note: I want to print that and I will lose a loot of toner!! 🙁


  3. Mr. Avelino R. Flora says:

    I like to master VB .Net

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