Upcoming Dates/Locations on the Visual Basic World Tour

  • Waltham 4/14 (Steven Lees and Amanda Silver)
  • New York 4/15 (Steven Lees and Amanda Silver)
  • Louisville 4/20 (Jay Schmelzer and Paul Vick)
  • Chicago 4/21 (Jay Schmelzer and Paul Vick)
  • Philadelphia 4/21 (Sean Draine and Joe Binder)
  • Denver 4/26 (Robert Green and Jay Roxe)
  • St Louis 4/26 (Paul Yuknewicz and tbd)
  • Long Beach 4/27 (Sean Draine and Jay Roxe)
  • Dallas 5/13 (Steve Lasker and Ed Gruber)
  • Oklahoma City 5/14 (Steve Lasker and Ed Gruber)
  • Northern NJ 6/8 (Joe Binder and tbd)
  • Albany 6/9 (Joe Binder and tbd)
  • note that more dates/locations are coming, including events in Asia and Europe...

From Robert Green's Visual Basic Blog

Check out the main page for the tour here...

Comments (7)

  1. Ah ha, this must be World tour as in "World Series" baseball…limited to the United States. Smaller world than I thought. What about the rest of us ???

  2. What "World Tour" ?!

  3. Jay Roxe [Microsoft] says:

    Nope, this is more World Tour as in "World Cup". We’re still working out the details, but we’re going to be doing European and Asian trips on the tour as well. Look for the page to get updated in the summer and fall. We’re hoping to hit 40 cities worldwide by the time that we finish.

  4. European and Asian soon? Hey, There are many programmers (outsourced and otherwise) in Africa too.

  5. mark says:

    Where will the Oklahoma City event be held? I can’t find the registration information for it…

  6. Jiho Han says:

    Where is C# world tour?

  7. I wish South Africa weren’t as small…(!) How many .NET devs are down here – would it be enough to make a stop worthwhile?

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