Frequently Asked Question Section now on the C# Developer Center

Hey folks, I've been working with the C# Team and two great C# MVPs (Jon Skeet and Nicholas Paldino) to put together a 'live' C# FAQ. This FAQ is being run as a blog, hosted at and is displayed on the C# Developer Center on MSDN (at

This list of questions and answers is continually being updated, so if you don't see an answer to your question, and you think it is a common one... please submit it through the "Ask a FAQ Question" area of the blog.

Comments (4)

  1. DarthPedro says:

    Maybe something like the C# FAQ would be better done as a wiki rather than a blog. And, you can still sign up for RSS feeds from Wiki too.

    Not that I’m complaining – the blog is better than nothing… 🙂

  2. parimal says:

    let me c first

  3. zhangkongfei says:

    l write a dll component in C# and use the tool of tlbexp.exe to translate the dll to com,but when l refer it in VB,it can not work,all its properties and methods lost.can you help me.

  4. ahmed adly says:

    I want to use windows management to acess a remoting files…

    i use (win32_process) to access files..but i want to open the the notepad.exe..and see it…i just can open it..and see it in his process…what is the function or the class of showing the application running on his system to me..

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