Shaykat’s Visual Studio 2003 Tips

Shaykat, a PM on the C# Team, has been posting some great tips on VS.NET 2003 so I thought I would collect them here for your linking pleasure;

If you liked these tips, you can view them all and watch for any future ones by tracking the Visual Studio 2003 Tips category from Shaykat's blog.

[Note: Some of these apply to Visual Studio in general, and therefore include C# and VB development, but some are specific to C#.... sorry!]

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  1. Mary Shaffer says:

    Please help me. I am takeing Visual Basic at Davenport University at South Bend IN. I have several problems but the most important is that it calls for tutorials I can not find where to load them in my computer. So I can do the exercises in the book. No the teacher is not helping. There is 6 of us in this class, one comes to clas maybe every 4 o5 week so I actually don’t count her. But three of us are having problems and are behind and the teacher does not help us, she igores us. She could not even help me in installing Visual basic disk in my computer for the class. I finally called microsoft and got ahold of I think Will in Dallas who walked me through it I appreated it very much. His e-mail is I have e-mailed he about not being able to find the tutorials but he is a busy man and out of his office alot. If you talk to he the subject is Resrx040124. Can you please help me in finding the tutorials for my class? the book we are using is "Visual Basic.Net" by Diane Zak. Thank you

  2. jsdthcy says:

    Thanks for your tips,they are useful for me

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