hey… want to come work at MSDN?

Turns out we (MSDN) are looking for a few good testers to come and work with us in Redmond... if you are interested in a position, and the following job description (which you may have also seen on Laura or Kent's blog...) is appealing, let us know via this link.

Are you ready to join an exciting team? MSDN is revolutionizing the way developers get the resources and information they need. MSDN Test is looking for an experienced SDE/T to help mentor and lead a team of testers responsible for delivering quality releases bringing MSDN forward as a .Net showcase. Key areas of responsibility will be functional, performance, and security testing, as well as a hands-on roll in ensuring the quality of our releases.

A successful candidate will be passionate about software development, testing, and releasing great products for our customers. The candidate should have excellent writing and communications skills, superior analytical skills, and a strong understanding of the software development process and testing methodology. The successful candidate should be adept with C#, XML, ASP, ASPX, VB.Net, .NET Framework, SQL. Additional experience with Darwin and MadDog would be a bonus. The ideal candidate should have experience with testing both web-based products as well as packaged products, with at least 3 years of testing experience (including at least one full product cycle). A BA/BS degree in Computer Science or a related technical field is preferred.

Update: Ok folks.... not to be too blunt here, but... Emailing me directly, or posting comments, is not a good way to apply for this position. In the post above, I mention that this is the correct link... so any other method just shows me you didn't bother to carefully read the post... and unless I've worked with you before (and had a good experience), I will not be forwarding your resume on just because you emailed it to me. Sorry for any confusion if that link wasn't clear in the first posting...

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  1. farshid says:

    i want to come work at MSDN

  2. Simon Yang says:


    5292 Polis Drive Residence: (714) 728-3688

    La Palma CA 90623 simonsayspineapple@msn.com

    Dear recruiter:

    I am seeking for Web developer position. There are several reasons that I should be on the top of list among all the candidates.

    I am best-qualified because I have a solid foundation for the latest web technology. These include Active Server Page, MS-XML, Visual Basic, Dynamic HTML, JavaScript, plus a good understanding of Microsoft .Net technology such as ASP.Net and ADO.Net. I also have been involved in database development for SQL Server 2000 in many of my projects. I have written data logic in store procedures and creating triggers for data integrity checking.

    I have applied these technologies extensively for many of my recent projects. For example, development of 3 tier solutions using ASP.Net, C#, VB, ASP, XML, and SQL Server 2000 for data intensive web application. Please refer to my resume for more detail.

    Another reason I am best-qualified is I have the ability to provide leadership. I was the leader for many projects. I am responsible for initial project planning and project documentation.

    I interacted with the project members and the end user of the application, and collaboratively brainstormed the solutions for the required project.

    Finally, I am a hard worker. I have the ability to work autonomously and handle excruciating stress. I am a team player, and contributing my best effort is my ultimate goal.

    I am looking forward to have an interview with you.

    Sincerely yours,

    Simon Yang


    5292 Polis Drive Residence: (714) 728-3688

    La Palma CA 90623 simonsayspineapple@msn.com



    Visual C#

    Macromedia Flash MX

    Macromedia Firework MX

    Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

    Photoshop 7

    Microsoft extensive markup language (MS XML)

    Microsoft Massage Queuing (MSMQ)

    Microsoft Com+ Queued Component

    Microsoft Com+ Transaction

    Visual Basic 6.0

    Visual InterDev 6.0

    Component Object Model (COM)

    Active Server Page (ASP)

    ActiveX Data Object (ADO)

    Transact Structure Query Language (T – SQL)

    Creating complex store procedure in SQL Server 2000

    Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS)



    Dynamic HTML

    Cascading Style Sheet (CCS)

    Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)





    Senior System Programmer, Department of Child Support Services, Orange County, 6/2002 – 8/2003


    About the company:

    The Department of Child Support Services is the state agency that administers state and federal child support laws. It provides four major services: locate missing parent(s), establish paternity (fatherhood), establish and enforce child support orders, collect and distribute child support payments.

    Area of work:

    Develop internet and intranet application.

    Create ASP.Net Front End Application.

    Create 3 tier intranet applications.

    Code T-SQL Stored Procedures

    Design and create .Net Component for Business and Data Logic.

    Create Data Logic in store procedures in SQL Server 2000.

    Software Engineer, Card Express Inc. , 10/2001 – – 6/2002


    About the company:

    A full-service incentive company, CardEx Incentives is the industry pioneer and expert in developing and managing corporate incentive programs that feature MasterCard debit cards as rewards. CardEx has accumulated years of valuable experience designing and managing incentive programs that take full advantage of debit card platforms, and our world-class customer service enjoys one of the highest reputations in the industry.

    Card Express also provides IT consulting service for Company with E-Commerce needs. Current client, Visa USA, has relied on Card Express for its VisaBuxx Teen Debit Card Solution. Card Express has created 3 Tier Ecommerce System for Visa USA Debit Processing Division.

    Area of work:

    Create 3 tier web applications for Visa VisaBuxx application.

    Code T-SQL Stored Procedures Designing and creating VB Component for Business and Data Logic.

    Create Data Logic in store procedures in SQL Server 2000.

    Create ASP Front End Application.

    Web Developer, Eliberation Corporation (Now Interchange Corporation), 2000 – 2001


    About the company:

    Eliberation is the parent company of ePilot.com. ePilot.com is a highly rated pay-per-click search engine that processes over four-million transactions each day. EPilot.com is consistently ranked among the top three pay-per-click search engines with regards to traffic. EPilot.com Search Distribution Network (SDN) allows the company to further distribute its search results to other destination web sites, thereby establishing a greater online presence for ePilot advertisers.

    Area of work:

    Deploy SQL Server and IIS Integration, and in combination of SQL Server XML support to create solution for many projects.

    Deploy MS XML Parser to manipulate and process data on the server side with ASP, thereby reducing call to the SQL Server to achieve scalability for applications.

    Code Data Logic in store procedures.

    Develop business logic in the Com component and VBScript Classes.

    Code Jscript and Dynamic HTML to create user interaction in the web application.

    Web Developer, SHOPGOODWILL.COM, 1999 – 2000


    About the company:

    Shopgoodwill.com is the on-line auction site for the Goodwill Industries International. The Goodwill Industries International consists 155 branch offices through out the United States. They are non-profit organizations collecting donation goods and put them on the auction site for sale. All precede from the website goes to help the needy individual through out the world.

    Area of work:

    Support and maintain the web site.

    Create and modify ASP code to the web site.

    Create Component using Visual Basic for front end application.

    Code with ADO and SQL to communicate between the database and the website.

    Deploy Microsoft Transaction Server to manage the site, so it can operate efficiently and securely.

    Maintain the shopping cart for the site.


    Julie Coefield, Web development supervisor, Department of Child Support Services, (714) 347-8073, jcoefield@css.ocgov.com

    Jon Galbraith, System Engineer, Visa USA Debit Process Division. JGalbrai@visa.com , (303) 486-7423

    Hamid Merandi, IT Director, Cardex Corporation, (949) 885-2600

    Bill Bertovich, Director of Information Systems. Interchange Corporation, (949) 784-0800

    Casey Sisneros, Senior human resources representative, Goodwill Industries of Orange County, (714) 547-6308 Ext.313

  3. Mr. Mackenzie,

    I am a software engineering/business student attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. I am an extremely passionate student when it comes to technology, especially .NET. I have spread my passion here on campus in many ways, one of which is the actual creation of a .NET User Group, promoting the Imagine Cup (MS Programming Competition), and teaching .NET/Software Development courses. I have received Microsoft MVP nomination, and have even represented Microsoft at events such as Comdex 2003 and the Microsoft PDC. Now, specifically my point is that I cannot express within this email my passion for Microsoft. Even the company’s mission "To enable businesses and people around the world to realize their full potential" inspires my actions every day. To get to the point, I feel I would be a great fit for the position you have posted. The problem is that you are seeking a full time position and I am currently only able to perform an internship type employment. I have already conducted a phone interviewed for an internship at Microsoft this summer, but for some reason was turned down. However, not one to give up I am asking you for any help you could give me in this manner. I use MSDN every day and I know this would be a great fit for me within the company at this point.

    I do thank you for your time, and hope to receive a response!

    Thanks again,

    Nathan J. Neitzke

    Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

    Student Ambassador To Microsoft

    Daytona Beach, FL 32114



    "Ideas without action are worthless."

  4. Cory Smith says:

    Yeah… just what you want… people who can read, comprehend and follow instructions as future employees 😉

  5. henry says:

    i want to have acces with the intranet

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