Paul Vick on two new operators in VB Whidbey

In a recent post to his blog, Paul Vick discusses the new IsNot Operator (and the history/rational behind the Is operator), which allows you to write;

If myString IsNot Nothing Then
instead of
If Not myString Is Nothing Then
and then, in another post, he covers the new TryCast operator (which is like C#'s 'as' operator), which will allow you to save a bit of extra work (and produce a slight perf improvement in some situations) when checking to see if an object can be cast to a specific type .... allowing you to write;
Sub Print(ByVal o As Object)
Dim PrintableObject As IPrintable _
= TryCast(o, IPrintable)
If PrintableObject IsNot Nothing Then
End If
End Sub
instead of the slightly less efficient
Sub Print(ByVal o As Object)
Dim PrintableObject As IPrintable
If TypeOf o Is IPrintable Then
PrintableObject = CType(o, IPrintable)
End If
End Sub

Comments (12)

  1. Kent Sharkey says:

    First one should have been Aint. This way, we could get into childish arguments:

    If myThing Is IsNot Is IsNot Nothing then...

    'Says you...

    End If

    The TryCast will be cool, though. It's been one of the very few items (As) I've really started to like in C# and miss in VB.

    TTFN- Kent

  2. Chris Sells says:

    Both of those look cool to me.

  3. shivnil says:


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  4. Great, now we can finally start to write some "proper" code:

    If Not something IsNot somethingElse Then


    End If


  5. Ant says:

    The IsNot operator seems a bit pointless but the TryCast is quite a nice touch, even though I can't imagine that the performance improvement will be that significant.

  6. Joey says:

    IsNot is equivalent to using <> instead of not(x=y), so to my mind it fills a little gap.

    TryCast is extra sweet if you have to check for nothing anyway.

  7. james says:

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  8. rami emam says:

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  9. parviz says:

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  10. Joku says:

    Why it has to be such horribe looking mess? For example:

    If myString IsNot Nothing Then

    Could be:

    if (myString) { }


    If myString Is Nothing Then

    could be:

    if (!myString) { }

    Much more clean and simpler.

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