MSDN TV episode on the IDE enhancements in C# Whidbey

Dan Fernandez presents how Visual C# “Whidbey” will include several IDE enhancements including a first-class code editor with rich editing features, a powerful debugger, and drag-and-drop visual designers. Click here to check it out in this recent installment of MSDN TV!


Comments (7)

  1. Praveen KOnda says:

    Would like to just watch

  2. hjkghj says:


  3. Nute Spender says:

    Testing 1234

  4. Taki Stewart says:

    Just looking for a quick canned summary of what’s cool in the Whidbey IDE.

  5. matrix_g says:


  6. Praveen Konda says:

    Just to explore the features

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