Oh geez… now I’m all hot and bothered

Writing my last post started me thinking about the C64... and I found this page detailing software releases over the years the C64 was hot (really, it was...)

I can remember PaperClip was my word processor, Bard's Tale I and II were my pastime.... and Gary Kitchen's Game Construction Kit was my hobby... yep, very cool stuff. And to think, I don't have it anymore... hmm... I should go fire up the Intellivision.

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  1. You didn’t save your C64? I think we still have a C64 and/or a C128 lying around here somewhere. We play Galactic Conquest on it occasionally.

    Ahhh, those were the days…

  2. denny says:

    VIC 20, C=128,Amiga 500

    had them all in the day….

    I kinda wish some times that Bill and Co. had grabbed the Amiga and…. Amiga Windows 95!

  3. Scott Allen says:

    I still have my TI-99/4A! I was always jealous of my friends C64 – it had better games, more magazine coverage, and seemed more "mainstream".

  4. Tim Marman says:

    Someone needs to re-make Mail Order Monsters…


    And Bruce Lee was pretty sweet too.

    I had a TI-99 too. Played Tunnels of Doom a lot, I think the name was. And Hunt the Wampus. Those are the only two I remember.

  5. Randy Bouquet says:

    Bard’s Tale II rocked! I remeber going around town destroying everyone with my horn of fire! There was absolutely no better way to pass the time. I remeber sitting down for a few minutes to play before I went to bed and looking over a "few minutes later" to see the sun rising outside my window. 🙂

    Tim, I agree, Bruce Lee was an awesome game as well.

  6. Wow… Mail Order Monsters, I remember that one too… and I loved it!!!

  7. Mike Nichols says:

    I used to really enjoy computers when I had my Commodore 64. You turn on the switch and you are ready to go. The games were simple enough to learn to play quickly so that you didn’t have to waste your valuable time. Programming in BASIC and then compiling into P Code was just fine.

    Now computers are so bloated with extra code that they need special hardware and high speeds to operate in real-time.

  8. Monty says:

    I called home the other day to see if my Mom still had my old TRS-80 around. Unfortunately, and to my horror, she had dropped it off at the goodwill…

  9. Mike says:

    A while ago I found the place where C64’s go to retire…they are all keeping score at the local bowling lane!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The CynicalBlog »

  11. Scott Jensen says:

    I wrote it! Loren, you out there?


  12. CheechMonger says:

    Is Galactic Conquest still available anyplace, or has it disappeared like many things Commodore?


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