The C# team is going to be coming after me…

Every week, Eric Gunnerson, Dan Fernandez and I get together to work on the C# developer center and other C#-ish topics... and last week we divided up some tasks amongst the three of us. Well, we are meeting again today and I don't have those tasks done... so I'm starting to watch my back.

I'm expecting Andy (above) to show up in my office at any moment with the C# 'club of motivation', but perhaps I can save myself before he arrives... with your help.

My task was to come up with a good set of questions that we could ask all of our MVPs as part of a "meet the MVPs" section of the developer center. Here's some of the questions I have so far;

  • How did you get into programming/computers?
  • What is your favorite feature or area of C#?
  • What C# or .NET newsgroups or forums do you spend most of your time in?
  • Where would you recommend a C# developer look for answers, code samples, etc...?
  • Do you have any recommendations for books on C#, .NET or related topics?
  • When you aren't answering questions on the web, what do you do as your day job?

These are sounding pretty bland to me so far, so I am hoping you can help me out and supply a few suggestions. What would you like to ask some of these MVPs?

What about someone from the C# or .NET product team? We are also planning to conduct some interviews with them, so let me know what you would want to ask a C# team member and I'll try my best to get your questions onto our list.

Anyway, I'm going to go back under my desk and wait for a friendly visit from a C# team member....

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  1. Jan says:

    Which news reader do you use to monitor the newsgroups (and keep track of your own posts)?

  2. Jacob (VB.NET MVP) says:

    For MVPs:

    What annoys you the most about C#?

    Why C#?

    When starting a project, do you consider VB.NET? Why or why not? And, ultimately, does it matter?

    If a fledgling programmer is interested in .NET, how would you convince them to choose one language over the over? Or would even try?

    For C# Product Team:

    How is the communication between the VB.NET and C# product teams?

    If a feature is definitely going into one language, what is the process like to get into the other?

  3. D. Brian Ellis says:

    I work in a nearly static enterprise environment. When we change technologies, it is after a lot of research and with good reason. With that in mind…

    What do you see as positive qualities with C# / .NET in the enterprise market, especially in relation to J2EE and current technologies?

    What would you say the current state of C# / .NET is as a thick application language, as a web language (ASP.NET) and as a competitor on values such as speed, efficiency, scalability, and flexability? This is especially comparative to C++ or Java.

    What have you personally not seen in the language capabilities that you want to see in the future?

  4. Nic Wise says:

    Sorry – no interesting questions to add (they all sound good tho!), but how do I get to answer them??? 🙂

    Nic – .NET MVP 🙂

  5. * What motivates you to help people online?

    * What qualities/circumstances first drew you to Microsoft software?

    * What kind of logical or programming problems do you consider interesting?

    * What are some of the more interesting discussions you’ve had about C# / .NET?

    * What are your top predictions for the next 5 years of the MS/C# development world?

  6. Oh yeah:

    * Who would you rather meet in person and talk with: Anders Hejlsberg, Bill Gates or Eric Gunnerson? What would you ask them?

  7. Eric says:

    Anders or Bill. Trust me…

  8. Salman says:

    Is C3 really worth the effort…? it is said that one of the main reasons for adaptation of C# is that Microsoft made the slight mistake of rigestring it publicaly… was that truly an accident???

    Oh! and of-course, If C# was intorduced enhancing C,C++ and Java features… why does it resemble like 90:10 percent Java:C++.

    Have a nice time questioning.

  9. Salman says:

    Hi again…

    Well kinda forgot to add that…

    If C# really is built on the basis of improvising C++ as well as Java, then why are the conversion assitants only for Java Code to C#. Why not C++ to C# as well…?

  10. Derek Price says:

    What is the relationship with Microsoft’s new C#-like language Xen and C#?


    They are smoking crack.

    -Linus Torvolds when asked about SCO


  12. satish jupalli says:

    Tell me one great feature that’s not there in Java , c++, c combined and present in the C#

  13. Julian Gall says:

    What major Microsoft products are written in C#. What technologies does MS use to stop them being decompiled and to stop the activation being bypassed.

    These questions are prompted because it was easy to find commercial copy-protection products for non-managed code (Armadillo) etc, but there seems to be a problem making something robust for .NET managed programs. Is Microsoft addressing the issue?

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