Modern Software Development in Visual Basic .NET

I blogged about it before, but there is a 15-part webcast series starting Tuesday February 3rd, presented by Dr. Joe Hummel, focused on Visual Basic .NET topics for the Visual Basic 6.0 developer (and others!).

Check out all the details here!

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  1. claron says:

    I have been looking for some advice. I have been using quick basic for dos and the output will not print with some of the lates printers. Do I have to use visual basic or is there a later quick basic program that will work from windows?

  2. vijay says:

    i want to learn vb online please send details

  3. Payman Ahmadi says:

    Hello From Iran

  4. Ali says:

    History of Visual Basic ?

    and Third Parti using and ?

  5. Hi, I am still using VB/DOS and want to read indexes of my dbase III database directly – does Microsoft provide a driver so I can accomplish this non trivial ask.


    Dr. Stewart (PhD)

  6. saif says:


    i want to develope a software in visual basic

    i have prepared a software about bio_saline agriculture land(doctor of land). now i wana

    published it on cd-rom. how i can make it .exe

    for all computers plz help me.

    i am using vbmastring but i found no solution in it. waiting for u reply

    saif (pakistan)

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