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I’m getting back into my column writing, and I’m looking for topic suggestions… I actually have a long list of ideas already, but I’m always interested in hearing what you folks want to read about!

So… suggest away! Feel free to include topics related to the Media Center edition of Windows XP as I’m planning to spend some time with the developer side of that product over the next few months.

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  1. I got all excited at the possibilities of where Media Center could go and ended up writing a blog entry, linked to my name here… if anyone is listening in the Media Center dev group, I’d love to put a few bugs in their ear.

  2. Sorry… permalink linked to my name now instead of the main blog URL…

  3. Stephane Rodriguez says:

    Regarding the developer side specifically, is it just me or is the presentation layer of Media Center a rip off of Cyberlink’s PowerCinema?

    See the pic here (, funny right?

    How is it that none of the parties have made public such an obvious licensing of code?

  4. Yeah, getting some samples of how to write apps like MyWeather V2 by GriffenComposites(from would be cool. Also some managed samples for how to use the MCE SDK.

    A fellow Microsoftee,


  5. Ianier Munoz says:

    It would be great if you could provide some information about lower-level MCE extensibility (DSP plug-ins, supporting new file formats, etc.), assuming such features are supported.

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