Windows Forms Reference Application

It happens to be an advertisment for Infragistics, but it looks pretty cool and shows off a bunch of the Application Blocks, so I'll be spending some time reading through it! Check it out [from Code Project]

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  1. Nic Wise says:

    Tried this as a demo, as we just bought their components, and the webservice at their end appears to not work 🙁

    Looks like a nice app, tho! Anyone else got it to work?

  2. if you install the free Infragistics WinForms Tracker reference application locally and want to play around with it without actually compiling the source yourselve, you’ll eventually notice that you can’t delete the preset data without uncommenting some parts of the code (the message boxes tell you this) and rebuilding the application. I didn’t feel like doing that tonight (it’s Friday!) so I did it all via SQL Query Analyzer.

    Steps for this:

    install client and server, confirm it works. Play around a little. It’s not as self-explanitory as you might think, especially in the Admin areas.

    Create one new company.

    Create a workspace associated with that company.

    Create a user associated with that company; make sure that user is an admin (or whatever the highest-level user is).

    Create some modules, etc… whatever you want. If you want to keep them, associate them with the company you entered. If you want to get rid of them, associate them with anything else.

    If there are any pre-existing items you want to save for testing purposes, associate them with the new company you entered.

    Connect to the Tracker database and run the script below.

    [I make no warranties, but if it doesn’t work correctly, you can run the original create scripts again, right? It works on my machines…]

  3. Salman says:

    Great book selection, I love many of those myself.

  4. Bigot says:

    This should be under vb. I was all excited that they released it in C# only to see I was wrong! ICK

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