Visual C# “Whidbey”: Language Enhancements

If you think we are talking about Whidbey too much... don't read this post 🙂

The powerpoints and demos are both online for Anders Hejlsberg's talk on the changes to C# for the Whidbey release:

In "Whidbey", the Visual C# language will be extended with a variety of constructs across a broad spectrum of research and industy languages. Learn the ins and outs of how generics provide improved code reuse, iterators simplify implementation of enumerator patterns, anonymous methods ease work with delegates, and partial types provide easier development and code maintenance. See how these and other language enhancements deliver "code-focused" RAD for Visual C# developers.

(Update: Code is now correct and the .msi is working...)

Comments (7)

  1. Robert P says:

    After download and run the msi file, the only thing I got is the EULA.rtf m where is the example files?

  2. Kevin says:

    Everything you mention as new in Whidbey is implemented at least a year ago in IBM’s Eclipse Open Source IDE. The problem Microsoft has is the stubborness of its "Chief Architect" who fails to understand the value of the Open Source.

  3. f.ding says:

    go forword microsoft ….I like C# more than java,just for the power of the .net Class(framework sdk)…… the sun system(j2ee) and the bea(weblogic)…..

  4. f.ding says:

    I want to become a MCSD for C# now I’m learning in the MSDN….but I’m not sure that I can pass the exam …..who can help me….just by myself…I like C# very much more than C++ and java…what powerful and beautiful language

    a student in the NIIT(china shanghai)…

  5. f.ding says:

    sorry i make a mistake when i type the word: go forward ……I never see the screen,what of my poor english ……

  6. John says:

    Just a note about Kevin’s Eclipse comment. Let’s see, the slides mention generics, iterators. These are language features, not IDE features. I love Eclipse, but save the open source ranting for Slashdot, or know what you’re talking about.

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