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I recently acquired a digital camera so I started thinking about a photo blog... something my family out in Winnipeg could subscribe to. A colleague, who has a camera phone, suggested textamerica, which seemed quite happy to accept my registration but I didn't go through with the sign up because it seemed that they only intended camera phone users on their site, and I didn't want to mess with their system...

Can anyone recommend a good place to post digital photos that makes it easy for family to view the latest pic(s) without too much hassle? I'm not looking for long-term or hi-quality storage here, I can handle that on my own site, but I was hoping for something simple where I could hold a rotating set of 10-20 pics...

Of course, I could just build up some pages on my own web site for this purpose, but I like the simplicity of photo blogs, even being able to email the pics up to the site is a great simplification over posting them to my own site.

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  1. TextAmerica really is the best out there for a Photoblog. No camera phone needed. Just cut down your images to less than 400-pixels wide and email them into your photo blog. Plus, they built the whole system on top of .NET.

  2. Paschal says:

    Ask Roy. I think he use something good for his pictures

  3. Dear Duncan.

    May i suggest you Fotolog.net ? It’s free if you post only 1 photo each day or quiet cheap if you want to remove this constraint.

    You can check how it looks (you can customize the colors but not the layout) in my photolog : http://www.fotolog.net/wirelessjunkie/.

    I also built a simple basic solution in asp.net that i use in my website that generate a table of thumbnails and link back to the original shot. You just need to specify the directory where the original files are stored.

    I’m currently upgrading the scripts but you can check out a previous version there : http://www11.brinkster.com/wirelessjunkies/corfu.aspx

    It’s quite useful with web hosting companies like brinkster who offers 30mb of storage space and support for asp.net 1.1 for free 🙂

    Hope it helps.

  4. Well i just saw that you already have a similar solution on your blog. Sorry for my irrelevant tip so 🙁

  5. Sergey Simakov says:

    I can recommend http://www.webshots.com

  6. Rob Rentz says:

    http://www.shutterfly.com is a really good site. You can store multiple albums and order pics online as well. A product from Adobe.

  7. Don Kitchen says:

    I agree with using TextAmerica (www.textamerica.com). It’s free and easy to use. My only complaint is that it’s getting kinda slow.

  8. If you want to host it on your own site, try out nGallery — it’s .Net-based photo gallery software. They’ve got a Workspace at GDN, and a main site at http://www.ngallery.org/

  9. Hey Duncan!

    Thanks for the good word, Tommy!

    We’re constantly improving nGallery, and that’s actually on "The List" for a later release is to be able to support a hosted solution, such as a photo blog. We’re not far off from that, and I was hoping to get to this in our next release.

    -Jason (jason@ngallery.org)

  10. Dylan Greene says:

    My site does this: http://www.DylanGreene.com – but I started it before ASP.NET was released. I plan on converted it to ASP.NET 2.0 once released.

  11. lauraj says:

    You already got good answers to this, but I can’t help responding 😉

    Fotolog.net is great if you want to post 1 (or for $5/mo, up to 6) nice pic a day. And I don’t think there’s a storage limit, at least that I’ve heard. These are higher quality, and IMHO, better for sharing with family. Here’s mine: http://www.fotolog.net/ljsky. Fotolog is pretty professionally run; they experienced REALLY dramatic growth and had some troubles keeping up, but as far as I can tell, they’re past it now. There’s more of a visible community on Fotolog.

    Textamerica.com for phone cams, absolutely. But even if you trim or resize (there’s an image resizer in the cool tools or whatever they are called, for XP), I don’t think your family will be as happy with what you get at that size. One nice feature that TA has over Fotolog is that you can "subscribe" to be notified by email each time that moblog is updated. TA is in that rapid growth phase, I think, and they see to be having a little trouble keeping up. They’re great folks, don’t get me wrong, and I would absolutely recommend them for a moblog, but they seem to be focused on getting more features pushed out faster rather than getting what they have exactly right. Although it could be that they just need an overhaul, and that’s what they are working on. The basic functionality works pretty well, it’ just when you start trying to customize. They also surface the ability to call thumbnails from the service on another size. Here’s my moblog: http://ljsees.textamerica.com.

  12. Shawn says:

    Take a look at pbase.com as well…

  13. Jeremiah says:

    Thanks for all this info. It’s a great resource.

  14. aj says:

    i put some pics here, it seems to be a good sight. it has several different galleries where you can post your pics.

  15. Alana says:

    Mine isn’t up yet, but I’m working on it:


  16. Ron says:

    Try buzznet! It’s free and you can upload 5 to 6 images per day. http://www.buzznet.com

  17. Marmar says:

    But the Mac Daddy of all photo sharing sites is <a href="http://flickr.com/">Flickr.com</a&gt;.

    Unlike Fotolog, you get up to 10 Megs of photos free (Pro accts not yet implemented, though you can get one if you invite 5 friends),

    Unlike Textamerica, they don’t have an evil policy which claims ownership over all your photos (!!!!!!), (and is not so cheesy)

    Unlike Buzznet they have a lot of really amazing features, like adding tags, posting to ANY blog via email instantly, adding notations right onto the photo, a really easy Uploadr for Macs (Windows coming soon they say)…has an associated social network so you can show photos only to friends if you want to…on and on and on. <a href="http://flickr.com/">Check it out!</a>

  18. Share digital photos online with family and friends, create your own photo album and photo blog today!

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