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I'm always looking for nice desktop backgrounds that are tasteful enough to display at work and searching on google (on this particular topic) just doesn't find that many high-quality sites, so I thought I'd post a few of my recent finds;

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  1. I like the 2nd one in particular Duncan – Adelaide is my home town 😀

  2. Addy Santo says:

    my personal fav is fluorescence – do a wallpaper size image search on google, you can’t miss it.

  3. I personally am very fond of – yes, it’s a subscription site, but the stuff is such high quality that I don’t mind renewing my subscription every year. Plus there are 30 freebies to choose from even if you don’t want to subscribe.

  4. Michael Favro says:

    Mike beat me to it. I have to second his recommendation. I don’t subscribe to that site yet, but the stuff is way cool and looks very nice as wallpaper. I’ve been a fan for four or five years now.

  5. SBC says:

    here is one that may interest your desktop –

    If you look closely, the Captain’s & Copilot’s PCs are not running Linux. 🙂

  6. Jim says:

    Have a look at <a href="; target="_blank"></a&gt; for excellent computer graphics new each month. Also, they have a <a href="; target="_blank">photography division</a>.

  7. Jim says:

    well then… so much for html tags 🙂 here are those links again:

  8. Kennedy says:

    Check out

  9. Tim Marman says:

    Ice is always great – although, of course, I might be a little biased, as I’ve been a member since 1997 🙂

    We’ve also recently added a photo section.

    Another one that’s good to check out if you like computer-generated stuff is A lot of my recent wallpaper has come from there.

  10. Tim Marman says:

    Oops I guess I should have read the comments before posting – another nomination for Digital Blasphemy in that case 🙂

  11. E Sherman says:

    Here is another decent wallpaper site for you, TME Free Wallpaper…


  12. g says:

    they are crap

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