New *Free* Windows Forms Controls

Like a lot of other people, I’ve recently found Tim Dawson’s Windows Forms controls along with a great set of useful articles… I’m particularly impressed with the design-time support he has built into these controls. Check them out if you are into Windows Forms development!


My latest book is now available online

Written with the wonderful assistance of Erik Porter, Joel Semeniuk and Andy Baron, this book is focused on the move from VB6 to VB.NET… check it out at


Halo for the PC

I’m getting a little tired of playing with people I don’t know… so if anyone is into playing Halo feel free to try to track me down or if someone felt like it, we could even set up our own game(s)… my Halo name is, boringly enough, “Duncanma” so you can try to find me…


A flexible line graph class library in C#

A pretty cool library for drawing 2D graphs, with a demo project and an associated article, appeared on Code Project last week… you might want to check it out. A flexible line graph class library in C# (Code Project) by JChampion


Visual C# “Whidbey”: Language Enhancements

If you think we are talking about Whidbey too much… don’t read this post 🙂The powerpoints and demos are both online for Anders Hejlsberg’s talk on the changes to C# for the Whidbey release: In “Whidbey”, the Visual C# language will be extended with a variety of constructs across a broad spectrum of research and…


Space Invaders in C#

from Gus Perez (via Dan Fernandez); Gus wrote Space Invaders in C# (source). Sweet!


Eric J. Smith’s CodeSmith Utility

I use this program all the time, but I paved my machine recently and didn’t have it installed… It took me awhile to figure out the web site for the tool, so I thought I would post it for everyone’s enjoyment! For those that haven’t had the pleasure of using this utility, here is a…


C# Splash Screen

From (via James Avery’s Blog); A Pretty Good Splash Screen in C# – Tutorial on how to build a full featured splash page (includes fading, progress bar, etc)