Turns out I am going after all…

I had planned on missing this year's PDC, because we had been planning on launching a new application during that same week (one of many!!)... but now that particular launch has been postponed a bit so I'm free to attend! That wouldn't have made any difference though, since it is sold out (and yes, that applies to us staffers too!), but I've just taken over from another colleague who won't be able to attend... so off I go to buy an overly expensive last minute ticket!

See you folks there!

Oh, and w.bloggar is working again, so I'm a happy blogger!

(Listening To: Blurry [Puddle of Mudd / Come Clean])
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  1. Randy H. says:

    You should try to make the weblogging BOF. If you can’t, let’s try to touch base. I’d like to meet as many community bloggers as possible- hope to run into you there.

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