Visual Basic Resource Kit

The download isn't up yet, it takes some time to sign and virus scan an entire CD packaged up as a zip, but the site that details what is included is there!

Check out for all the details, and you can even order yourself a copy of the CD if you want to avoid the downloading hassles...

Quick highlights; a ton of free controls (not just trial editions) from Component One, Dundas, Infragistics, and Sax (Sax has provided a serial communication control!!!!), a pile of sample code, whitepapers and multi-media content as well.

Oh, and just a small point... all of the controls should work fine in C# as far as I know 🙂

Comments (8)

  1. Denny says:

    What? ALL of component one ee for free??

    plus the other stuff….

    YOW! major get-that-download-now-or-else time.


  2. Phil Scott says:


    This is pretty neat. I get a lot of students dissapointed that there was no native serial comm control and charting controls like VB6. This should ease their pain.

    I’m also pretty intrigued as to what is included from CTECs.

    Bandwidth be damned!

  3. julie lerman says:

    just in time to sneak into the October INETA newsletter! Can I use the graphic from the site? Email me with a yay or nay. Thanks

  4. Congrats to the new MS MVPs!

  5. Bill says:

    Is it only for VS 2003?

  6. AsbjornM says:


    But, What’s the catch here?, Can I distribute software using these components?, royalty free?

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