Visual Basic Resource Kit Download Available

We've updated the page with the download URL already (some fast work on the part of our site team there), so you might want to go back and check it out...

If you aren't already using some form of download manager, I'd like to humbly suggest you try out my app from

It won't pull it down amazingly fast (it tries to avoid using up a lot of your CPU and bandwidth if you are using the machine) but it will retry and retry even across restarts... just fire up the app again to check status.

Comments (3)

  1. Duncan, what are the 4 web apps? Are they StarterKit apps or others?

  2. Mark Hurd says:

    Downloaded and installed the RK on a machine with enough free disk and .NET 1.1.

    No errors were displayed by the installer, but there was a "page not found" IE Window showing…

    To save everyone else’s time: URLScan, as installed by W2k SP4, has a default setting that bars URLs with dots in the path (except for the extension)!

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