Anyone have time for a quick poll?

If you found a (really) cool download on MSDN, but it was 200+ mb, would you want it packaged for download as a single file, or as multiple .cabs (maybe 10-20 mb each?)

Of course, this isn't just hypothetical, but details on what the download is will follow in a few days!

Post comments if you have the time!


Comments (51)

  1. The Jeff says:

    I would want a single file. I hate downloading 20 files for one program.

  2. Jim Geurts says:

    Why not have both? One for high speed internet connections (single file) and one for modem users (multiple cab files). That way you appeal to both sets of users… Disk space is cheap these days, and if it’s on MSDN, well… Microsoft probably has enough money to buy another disk array ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Matt Hawley says:

    One file, its much easier to manage, plus store for future reference.

  4. J Whittington says:

    I think both should be provided. But, if I had to choose one. I would say a single file.

  5. Dimitri Glazkov says:

    single file.

  6. I would say Single file anytime.

  7. Ingo Rammer says:

    Definitely a single file. But maybe also the second alternative for modem users … but OTOH a download manager should solve most headaches.


  8. Jose Castanedo says:

    Why not doing it in a single file but using the Transfer application available when downloading software from the MSDN subscriptions?

  9. AsbjornM says:

    My Ego says single file.

    But since there are still people out there without broadband(dsl,cable etc) 10-20MB files would be good, since an 200MB file most likely will timeout, and resume support in http is no good ๐Ÿ™‚

    But why not use the msdn download-manager?

  10. Steve says:

    +1 for single file

  11. Gary Nicol says:

    singleFile += 1;

  12. Darrell says:

    Both, but if *I* have to choose then single file. That way I can let it download all night long while I nap.

  13. denny says:


    (one perfered,but…)

  14. julie says:

    both – cover your bases

  15. Bryant says:

    A single file is best (who reads MSDN w/o broadband?).

  16. Jeff Julian says:

    Single File. Most dialup crash before a 10mb file can be downloaded anyway.

  17. Addy Santo says:

    One File!

    A. Anyone with a high-speed connection prefers a single file since it is less hassle.

    B. Anyone using a dialup connection has a download manager which can split/resume downloads.

    C. Anyone not included in A+B really shouldn’t be allowed near technical materials ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Dustin says:

    Another vote for one file. I dont think I would even try to download anything if it was 10 files, too much hassle. Unless it was really cool…

  19. Adam says:

    Single file.

    I have dialup at home, and single file is just easier because I can just queue up one file and let it download while I sleep.

  20. Shane says:

    Single File but if MSDN is so desperate for space they can’t afford to host the file both ways.. I’m worried ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Brian Carlisle says:

    Prefer a single file…any chance you could use the download manager that MSDN subscribers use?

  22. Roy Osherove says:

    Single file . Today’s download managers can take care of the rest, Why bother with anything else?

  23. Single file, option for FTP to help prevent HTTP timeouts.

  24. Shahn Hogan says:

    I would prefer a single file, but I know people with slow connections would prefer multiple files. I would try and please both.

  25. Dewayne Christensen says:

    (setq single-file (1+ single-file))

  26. Dylan Greene says:

    Single File, with option to use the MSDN download program.

  27. Quick way to increase your post to comment ratio ๐Ÿ™‚

    Single file.

    Even better, single file using the download manager.


  28. Single file for me, but i suggest a reconnectable why of downloading that single file.. Similar to the download manager that you have to use with the MSDN Subscriber downloads.

  29. Paul Edwards says:

    1 file splease.

    I’m still on dialup, but prefer one file. Even if they were 20 meg files I would still need to use a download manager.

  30. One big file, please. does often offer things in both formats, so it might be feasible to do both.

  31. Paul says:

    big file here

  32. Salman says:

    Single file, single file, single file.

  33. SBC says:

    a single file will do nicely..


  34. Justin says:

    single file..

  35. Chris Sells says:

    One big .torrent file for me, please.

  36. single file is better for automatic download manager

  37. Andy Benson says:

    single please (or at least the option for a single)

  38. Mehran Nikoo says:

    Single file. If you can download 20MB then you can do 200MB as well!

  39. Michael Dorfman says:

    Single file. ISO format, if it’s something I’m going to need to reinstall periodically. MSI otherwise.

  40. Adam May says:

    Single file

  41. Dan F says:

    What addy said. Single file as long as its resumable. Download managers rule.

  42. Ed Evans says:

    Single file in either .torrent, ISO, or MSI flavors ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. Alex Hoffman says:

    Definitely a single file

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