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What would you folks think if I wrote one of my MSDN articles in a serial fashion into my blog? Basically just posted each section as I wrote it? I'm considering doing this for my next Coding 4 Fun article, but before I flood your aggregator with piles of text I thought I'd look for some feedback...

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  1. Roy Osherove says:

    I think it could be a whole new way of writing.

    While you write the sections out, we could provide new ideas and twists for you that you might put in the column, as you write it!

    Now that would be "Interactive writing" 🙂

    In short, I like it. Plus, it would give our little community that little "we get everything before the MSDN subscribers do" feeling. make us feel special.

  2. +1, sounds like a fun idea. I look forward to seeing it.

  3. Tony Pino says:

    I like it. It would give us that feeling of "What’s next !?!"

  4. Rob Zelt says:

    I think that the .Net blog community is becoming an excellent source of info and yoru idea would just add to it. The use of short sections provides a great method to learn in multiple short sittings while staying productive. Let it be written!

  5. Definitely awesome…kick it! 😀

  6. I like it ’cause it gives aspiring writers an inside look at the ‘polishing’ of the article. I’d even be interested in some of the notes on stumbling blocks – more than just the article, kind of also meta information on what was going on while you were writing.

  7. Duncan, for me, it depends on what you mean by "posted each section as I wrote it". Are you saying that:

    FullArticle.Text = Concatenate( Entry1.Text + Entry2.Text + Entry3.Text + EntryN.Text )

    You could certainly do that but, I don’t really see what value it would add to the overall article? I guess that, as Roy says, it might be interesting to see if the article "twists" in a certain manner based on reader comments but, personally, I doubt that will happen.

    One benefit that might occur is that it could encourage more focussed conversations to occur over specific features or functionality embedded within the overall piece. Oftentimes I think that some of the really interesting stuff gets lost within the context of a much bigger piece (take some of the communication requirements that were embedded within your recent remote control article).

    {shrug} Dunno though, go ahead, see if it works, it might change the whole interplanetary-system and have massive effects on the dynamics of male/female relationships all over planet Earch, who knows!

  8. Vazz says:

    It would be cool to get articles before MSDN 😉

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