Better late than never… right?

My latest column is up on MSDN, Macro Madness, part of the ongoing Coding 4 Fun experience!

Speaking of Coding 4 Fun, or the lack thereof... I'm sitting in a wireless lounge at TechEd, where I have spent most of my trip to Dallas... doing remote troubleshooting and coding on a system back in Redmond. Not a unique experience, I'm sure many of the people reading this entry have ended up working from a remote location when they expected to attend sessions or other activities... but still not the best way to spend one's time.

On the upside, wireless connectivity just rocks at this event, I'm connected almost all of the time and my only concern has been power... but every table in the wireless lounge happens to have a power bar, so it has become my hangout of choice. I did manage to spend the morning at the MSDN booth, which was pretty cool.... and of course, last night's dinner with some local (and not so local) bloggers was quite enjoyable (until Elvis started playing at least).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kent Sharkey’s blog

  2. Sweet! I just noticed the plug you gave CodeSmith at the bottom of your article. Thanks!

    P.S. It was nice meeting you guys and putting a face to the name.

  3. Paul Begley says:

    Wireless rocks Wednesday.

    It pretty much sucked wind Monday and Tuesday. Coverage was very spotty and I was resetting my loaner iPaq (which is a very cool program) to get wireless to work.

    Today wireless coverage is awesome (got full connection several times) including rather obscure session rooms on the first floor.

  4. Damian says:

    Excellent. Last night I was thinking about writing a Private Member – > Property macro. This is great timing 🙂

  5. says:


    Im interested in I thought I would share my small idea with you(hope Im not wasting your time). Some time ago I wrote a small macro which saves and retreives code that one has written from within the >net studio.

    When I write a piece of code and I want to share it with team mates, I can Invoke that macro and the macro picks up the "selected (highlighted)code" from the editor and sends it to a web service which in turn saves it to a database along with the key words , my name and date.

    So If somebody else in my team wanted code, they can press a short cut key and a macro window pops up. They can enter any keyword and this window will talk to a web service which can then search the database and then give them the code snippet that people like me saved. This can help in code reuse. I had also added a feature of uploading and downloading sample code.

    I wanted to submit this to MSDN, but did not know how to do it. If I have not wasted your time and if this interests you i will be happy to send a screen shot document and the code that i have written. The macro (by constraint) is written in VB.Net and web service in C#.


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