Six Stitches

That was what my 2-yr old son received last night... ouch. We were at a birthday party for a friend of ours and there were lots of kids running around... oops, Connor fell and slammed his forehead right into the corner of a wall. Cut right to the bone and bleeding like crazy. What a trooper though, he cried for a bit, mostly because of the look on all of the adult's faces, but he had stopped before I could even get him to the truck for a drive to the hospital. Didn't stop bleeding for a long time, but he was happy and even excited to be going to the hospital.... he likes doctors. The cut was too big for "glue", which is a new thing to me but sounds cool, so he had to get stitches. It was a good two hours in total as we waited in one room after another before a doctor was able to stitch him up, but it was a great experience at the hospital, everyone was great and in the end he went home with a new "Evergreen Hospital" teddy bear!

I don't know what it felt like to have those stitches put in, but I can tell you that it was very difficult for his parents to watch while we held him down for the procedure... and I'm sure he won't be quite as friendly towards doctors for some time.

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  1. Kent Sharkey says:


    Of course, with Connor, it was only a matter of time. Still, I hope he’s doing OK.

  2. Steve Hiner says:

    That’s also the number my 2 year old daughter got the second time she split her forehead open. The first time they used glue – it was great until the glue wicked down the nurse’s finger and started gluing Emma’s eye shut. She didn’t like that AT ALL, it was actually the first time she cried during the whole procedure.

    Hopefully Emma will learn to look _forward_ while she’s running. She seems to prefer watching other people watch her run – that’s a dangerous habit.

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