Wil discusses the emotions invoked by being a father… and he mentions tea!

A recent post by Wil Wheaton manages to show his flair for descriptive writing, his complete geekness (surrender to it folks, it is the only way), and the joy a father feels when he is admired by his step son. And it does all of this while including tea in the narrative; what more could you want?

[Listening to: The Highwayman - Loreena McKennitt - Book of Secrets (10:21)]

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  1. wil says:


    Saw your Trackback ping. Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  2. Sam Gentile says:

    Any ideas on this? Its not admin privs…I am logged in as admin. The directory has full privs

  3. Yep Steve, Doug’s mention of tea was a coincidence 🙂

    Tea is everywhere!

  4. steven vore says:

    make mine green.

  5. Green… Black… it is all the same, give or take a bit of fermenting.

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