This isn’t exactly useful, but I find it cool

I've been working
on code to pull the currently playing item out of Windows Media Player and in my
quest I ran into
href=""> face="Trebuchet MS" color=teal>this color=teal>, a plug-in that pulls that value out and writes it to a ftp site of
your choosing for display on the web (
href=""> color=teal>here is mine)... so
everyone can know what you are currently listening to.

I'm still working on my .NET code to
grab this value, but in the meantime... this is pretty

Comments (2)

  1. Did you intentionally put all those ‘Big Shiny Tunes’ and Tragically Hip in the list to confuse those from the US? 🙂

    TTFN – Kent

  2. Glen says:

    Thanks for the link to this. Check out my site ( and there’s a Currently Playing box on the right. I am just FTPing a file for now, but soon I’ll figure out how to post to an ASPX. Or maybe a web service.

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