My column went up early…

It wasn't really
supposed to be up until Friday, and I doubt you'll find any links to it anywhere
on MSDN until next week, but you lucky readers of my blog can check out
the next installment of Coding4Fun on MSDN now...

My E-Mail

Duncan Mackenzie
Microsoft Developer Network

March 26, 2003

Summary: Duncan Mackenzie describes how to
build a tool that uses the System.Net namespace of the Microsoft .NET
Framework to check a POP3 e-mail account for unread messages. (15 printed

Big thanks to href="">Darren for testing an early build
of my code sample... and I'm very sorry that it set his machine on

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My column went up early… : Sam Gentile’s Blog

  2. I saw this like 43 seconds before your post hehe, your article is actually linked from the page (and at the head of the toc). 🙂

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