First day and he has figured it out already….

Kent's first day
with my group (to avoid confusion: "my group" means the group I belong to, I
don't manage anyone...) and he has already realized the truth about

"Day 1 - spent most of it in the cafeteria, as it
was a move day. Two meetings (much lower than my day would have been). Yes, my
new team is/are lunatics 😉 (They know that already, and yes, I know they
all read this
)" -
href=""> color=teal>Kent Sharkey's Blog

For those of you who might be wondering,
Kent has just joined MSDN, and more
specifically he has become the ASP.NET Content Strategist. As a group, we
content strategists are involved in planning out the articles (and other
materials) that MSDN should write, link to and/or acquire around various
development technologies. I'm the Visual Basic Content Strategist, Steve Kirk is
our man on Architecture,
Matt Powell covers the exciting world of href="">Web Services, href="">Frank
Redmond is all over the .NET Framework, href="">Brian
Johnson just joined us as the Security strategist, href="">Paul
Johns is working with something called C#, and href="">Shawn Morrissey (our boss) covers
Visual Studio... oh yeah, href="">Tim Ewald is also
part of our group... but no one really knows href="">what he
does 😉

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Day 2 – early start and about moving : Kent Sharkey’s blog

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