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I just read up a bit
on the
href=""> face="Trebuchet MS" color=teal>InstantKB.NET face="Trebuchet MS" color=teal>product (after our own issues with over-using
.NET, why does everyone else keep sticking it on their product names?) and it
looks pretty cool. Between that, and the many other tools like it, including the
face="Trebuchet MS" color=teal>ASP.NET starter kits face="Trebuchet MS" color=teal> from face="Trebuchet MS" color=teal> color=teal>, I am starting to wish I had a site to build... all of these tool
kits seem like wonderful ways to jump start a site!

From the InstantKB.NET site: "The End
User License cost is $119 USD per web site, per URL and per server."
What does that mean? site, url and
server? Do you get to pick one? Is it only that price if you are running one
site on one server with one url (guess it will be a big default.aspx

Comments (2)

  1. Try te app is TONS better than InstantKB.

  2. Ryan Healey says:

    Hi Duncan,

    InstantKB.NET is per single URL – i’ve corrected this a couple of months back. Sorry for any confusion 🙂 is a nice solution but its also very expensive. For example is $10,000 for the full source code my solution is $299. My product aims to offer a more affordable solution – wait till you see v2.0 🙂

    All the best 🙂

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