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Duncan Mackenzie describes how to build a tool that uses the
Background Intelligent Transfer Service features of Microsoft Windows XP to download large files
over slow or intermittent links.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Background Copying : Chad Osgood’s Blog

  2. Great article, I look forward to having a play with the BITS feature.

  3. Chad Osgood says:

    Great article indeed. Thanks!

  4. Some great concepts in there Duncan, thanks! That should provide me with the stepping stone I need before taking on Taskview 😉

  5. Sorry for the *dumb* question (being a web forms guy) but, how did you get the application icon into the resources (.resx) file for the form… do you use resgen.exe to do that?

    I knew it would be something like that but when I built my regex tool [ ] I couldn’t work out for the life of me how to do that so I imported the icon into my project.

  6. Re: The application icon…

    Just set it in VS.NET, into the icon property of the form, the Windows Forms designer automatically adds it to the form’s resource file.