Bandwidth Drought

I’m off in Winnipeg, visiting relatives for Christmas, and I’ve been experiencing severe bandwidth issues. I brought my laptop along to do some work on my next book, check email and to play movies for my son, but I’ve barely even had it on. Dial-up isn’t usually a problem for me, even though I have…


New Coding 4 Fun Column up on MSDN

The latest ‘issue’ of my Coding 4 Fun column has been published to MSDN; Duncan Mackenzie describes how to control a serial-port–connected LCD panel using Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual C# .NET. It is probably worth mentioning that I have hidden a CRC16 class in the code download as well, so even if…



Fabrice just sent me a note about a huge directory of .NET tools and resources … pretty cool site that I hadn’t noticed before. Great… now I have to dig through it all… I hate the thought that I’ve missed out on something neat. 🙂


Playing around

I’ve been playing with some serial port code lately, working out the details of controlling an LCD Panel… I forsee an update to my music system very soon.


New MSDN TV ‘episode’ on FxCop

I’m a big FxCop fan, so I’m pretty happy to see this episode…. Code Correctness with FxCop Michael Murray and Jeffrey Van Gogh from the CLR Team describe FxCop, the freely-available code analysis tool from Microsoft.


Comp Sci is cool

A neat little discussion about Random Number generators (or pseudo-random that is) has been happening on GDN for the last day or so, neat stuff….


Visual Studio Bootstrapper Downloads

Localized versions of the Visual Studio Bootstrapper are now available on the bootstrapper workspace including French, Spanish, German, Korean, Italian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and English.


C# Books Page Up

Check out for a small selection of books that I’ve found useful… and I’m always looking for suggestions!


Windows Forms Reference Application

It happens to be an advertisment for Infragistics, but it looks pretty cool and shows off a bunch of the Application Blocks, so I’ll be spending some time reading through it! Check it out [from Code Project]


New *Free* Windows Forms Controls

Like a lot of other people, I’ve recently found Tim Dawson’s Windows Forms controls along with a great set of useful articles… I’m particularly impressed with the design-time support he has built into these controls. Check them out if you are into Windows Forms development!