Duet Enterprise errors with BDC Service when running CheckConfiguration

During the configuration of the Duet install on the SharePoint server, you run DuetConfig.exe /CheckConfiguration to verify the configuration health and receive the following error:

“Error: Unable to query Business Data Administrative metadata catalog.  Ensure that the Business Data Connectivity Service is running.”



This problem is caused by an incorrect BDCServiceApplicationProxyName entry in the DuetConfig.exe.config file such that it does not match the Business Data Connectivity service name on the SharePoint server:

For example, in this case, the word "Proxy" should not be there.


<CheckMethod BDCServiceApplicationProxyName="Business Data Connectivity Service Proxy" Entity="SAPUsers" EntityNameSpace="SAP.Office.DuetEnterprise.Roles" LobSystemInstance="SAPUsersService"></CheckMethod>





Edit the DuetConfig.exe.config file to accurately reflect the service name on the SharePoint server.

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