SQLH2 on CodePlex

The SQL Server Health & History tool, also known as SQLH2, has been posted on CodePlex. You can find the project home page here. SQLH2 is the precursor to the Data Collector feature added in SQL2K8.



The list of blogs run by the SQL Server product group keeps growing. Here I offer merely a snapshot in time of the current blogs. At the bottom there’s also two links that list blogs by MS employees and SQL Server MVPs; these are not complete but offer a decent taste of what’s available.  …


Guarding Against SQL Injection

Securing the database is only part of the security equation, a very important part, but still not the entire picture. DBAs need to educate their developer counterparts on developing secure applications which access the data tier. I would go as far as to put in place a security review process for any application that accesses…


TechEd 2008 is Done!

I’m writing this on the plane from Orlando back to Seattle. I have lots of thoughts on TechEd that I’ll try to get through before I run out of battery or the guy in front of me snaps my laptop display. I also want to answer a few of the questions that came up that…

New Podcast for the Real-world DBA

Buck Woody, a PM on my team, has launched a new weekly Podcast entitled “Real-World DBA”. You can find out more information at his Blog. Here’s a link to the first episode. I encourage you to take a listen and provide feedback. This is not a marketing driven Podcast!

Getting Your "Favorite" SQL Server Bug Fixed

As a PM in SQL Server I read through just about every bug entered for the components my team owns. Given the surface area of what my team owns this translates into a lot of bugs. I don’t characterize it that way to disrespect the team or the quality of the product but rather to make…