SQL Server Express: Dev or Prod?

Most people I’ve spoken to have at least heard of the Express edition. The next question I ask is where they’re running it: development or production? The answer is usually both. But when I drill into the production use it turns out that most of the time Express is running in production because of a…


Zero Tolerance for Ignorance, Laziness and Unprofessionalism

How many databases in the world do you think are storing your personal information? Tens? Hundreds? Thousands? I have no clue what the answer is but my guess is it’s closer to thousands than tens. Why is this an interesting question? In my line of work I speak with lots of DBAs and I’m absolutely…


Vendor Lock In or Ignorant Design?

I often hear people say ‘”I’m not going to use Microsoft stuff because the don’t want to become victim of vendor lock in.” They often chose “open source” alternatives for pieces of the stack (web server and database to name a few). This isn’t necessarily a bad thing so long as they’ve done their homework,…


Database Schema Help

I’m testing out some new stuff and I need your help.Do you have a schema that has a bunch of complex dependencies between objects such that it’s a real pain when you need to alter it – you have to figure out the dependencies, unhook them, make your change, and then wire everything back together?…


SQL Server MVPs–Thank you for what you do!

I follow the blog and/or Twitter of many of the SQL Server MVPs and to be blunt this is a truly amazing group of professionals. Their passion for SQL Server is undeniable. Their desire to expand their already deep knowledge of the product is unsurpassed. And their unselfish generosity to share their knowledge with others…


What Does Failure Mean to You?

We recently announced some changes to a set of technologies that were linked together via the codename “Oslo”. While some of the technologies originally part of “Oslo” have shipped, some have not, specifically these are: the “Oslo” repository, “Quadrant”, and “M.”  For the long description you can read this blog post by Don Box. The…


Not Everyone is an Expert

In my day to day work I interact mostly with experts in the field of database technology and database administration. Every once in a while I get a gentle reminder that not everyone is an expert. Those reminders often come from forum questions from newbie and intermediate DBAs. When I come across one of these…


Automating DBA Processes – the White Paper

A while back I participated in a round table on automating DBA tasks. From that event a few folks produced a white paper on automating DBA processes. Regardless of your experience level you should pull it down and read it. You’ll need to provide a little information to Quest in order to get to the…

The DB Taste Challenge

This is hilarious! http://www.martinidesign.com/sql/landing/index_pres.html

SQL Server 2008 R2 Release Date is Set for May 2010

Well folks it’s official we’re going to release SQL Server 2008 R2! The release date is set for May 2010. You can get a few more details here.