Be a Virtual SQL Server Team Member

I’ve been blogging here and here about testing Denali CTP3. Here is a recent picture of the SQL Server team – though it’s not everyone on the team. These are the people behind the magic of SQL Server. By downloading Denali CTP3, testing, and filing bugs you become a virtual member of this team. How…


Have you Downloaded SQL Server Denali CTP3?

At the end of August we released CTP3 (Community Technology Preview) of the next release of SQL Server codenamed Denali. You can download it here. This is a feature rich CTP and is deserving of your attention, though I can’t discuss where this falls into the overall release schedule – we haven’t made any official…


Help Make SQL Server “Denali” The Best Release Yet!

Bugs reported by the community have played a huge role in the amazing quality of past releases of SQL Server. In SQL Server 2008 we fixed over 1,000 bugs submitted by the SQL Server community prior to release. And in SQL Server 2008 R2 we fixed over 300 Community submitted bugs prior to the release….


SQL Server codename “Denali”–“Product Update”

There’s a great new feature in the next release of SQL Server (codename “Denali”) which integrates the latest product updates into the initial installation experience. This feature came online in the CTP3 release. We need your help testing this feature. Peter Saddow, of the Deployment Platform team, has a comprehensive blog post detailing how to…

Day 13 on the Job

Today is my 13th day in the new job as the community lead for the Business Platform Division. It has been a filled 13 days – in a very good way. I’ve been working closely with my team to get educated on community and to begin to formulate our community strategy. This includes identifying which…


MVPs: Evangelists in Sheep’s Clothing?

I was recently talking to a co-worker and I characterized MVPs as evangelists, among other things. I got a very strong reaction – negative. I know full well this posting is going to rub some MVPs the wrong way – like petting a cat against the grain! However, I like stirring things up a bit…


SQL Server Code Name “Denali” – Supported OSes and Upgrade Paths

We are looking for feedback on three items for SQL Server Code Name “Denali”. First, are the supported OSes. Second, are the supported upgrade paths. Third, is the way the installer handles unsupported OSes and upgrade paths. Specifically we want to know if these will slow down your adoption of SQL Server Code Name “Denali”….


Best Practice Policies for Policy-Based Management

Policy-Based Management (PBM) was introduced with SQL Server 2008 – it’s a declarative system for ensuring the system configuration hasn’t drifted from the original configuration intent.  You can read more about Policy-Based Management in SQL Server Books Online, here. To help people get started with PBM and to promote best practices we provide a set…


Oy vey – Poor Security Habits Highlighted Again

The March 2011 issues of Database Trends and Application has an article that highlights the results of a new survey of DBAs and DBA Managers that reveals complacency results in lax oversight of sensitive information. You can read the article here. While every aspect of the research finding is is disturbing what I found most…

Changing Service Account & Service Account Password

I recently botched an answer about why one should use SQL Configuration Manager (SQLCM) over Service Control Manager (SCM) to change service accounts and/or service account passwords for SQL Server. Let me attempt to redeem myself. If your running SQL Server 2008 or later and your running on Windows Vista or later (Win7 or Win2K8)…