Best Practice Policies for Policy-Based Management

Policy-Based Management (PBM) was introduced with SQL Server 2008 – it’s a declarative system for ensuring the system configuration hasn’t drifted from the original configuration intent.  You can read more about Policy-Based Management in SQL Server Books Online, here. To help people get started with PBM and to promote best practices we provide a set…


PBM – it’s like liquid awesome!

Brent Ozar and Thomas LaRock do a 3 part video series on the power of Policy-based Management (PBM). Interestingly SCOM comes up several times in the discussion.   They cover the basics of PBM and Thomas goes into more depth on how he’s using it in his environment. The series is about 35 minutes in…


PCI Compliance and SQL Server 2008

Today compliance is a huge focus area for IT. Since compliance is written by lawyers for lawyers it takes a fair amount of translation to get it to the point where IT can understand what processes, policies, and configuration to implement to meet the requirements for a given compliance spec. If you are a SQL…


Application & Multi-Server Management

@ the SQL PASS Summit on 11/20 we announced our plans to release new capabilities for improving the collaboration between Data-Tier Developers and DBA and to address Multi-Server (or multi-instance) manageability for SQL Server. Anthony Carrabino has a great posting describing these capabilities. I won’t repeat Anthony here. In addition, I recorded a session Joey…


Addressing Compliance with SQL Server 2008

JC Cannon, Senior PM on the SQL Server team, presents this webcast where he explores some of the new features in SQL Server 2008 and describes how they can be used to help an organization address their compliance needs.   In the webcast JC covers: Identity management Data protection Separation of duties Auditing and reporting…


TechEd 2008 is Done!

I’m writing this on the plane from Orlando back to Seattle. I have lots of thoughts on TechEd that I’ll try to get through before I run out of battery or the guy in front of me snaps my laptop display. I also want to answer a few of the questions that came up that…


Announcing the Policy-Based Management Blog

Today we launched a new blog dedicated to Policy-Based Management. Take a look and send us your suggestions for topics. My goal is to have people from the PBM development team write and publish postings. Together we can make PBM an amazing feature. I’m really excited by this and I hope you are too.


Policy History Table Exception Columns

I was recently asked what the exception_message and exception columns in the msdb.dbo.syspolicy_policy_execution_history_internal table are used for. There are situations where the policy evaluate can throw an exception. For example, if the policy references a property in a facet which is not available on the given version or edition of the instance. For example the…


Declarative Management is Out!

Yes, the title is correct, Declarative Management (DMF) is gone! Did I get your attention? Maybe I should elaborate. About 7 months ago we embarked on a naming project for DMF. We knew that DMF was a little too geeky and didn’t necessarily describe the feature in an intuitive and meaningful way. Tehcnically the name is…