Central Management Servers => Shared Connection Favorites

Back in SQL Server 2008 my team implemented the Central Management Server (CMS) feature. If you work as part of a DBA team and you haven’t tried it out I encourage you to do so. It’s available on all editions, even Express. In short, the CMS allows you to share entries in registered servers with…


Moving Databases Between SQL Azure Servers

This week I had to move a couple of databases between two SQL Azure accounts. I needed to decommission one account and thus get the important stuff out before nuking it. My goal was straight forward: move two databases from one SQL Azure server (and account) to another SQL Azure server (and account). The applications…


PBM – it’s like liquid awesome!

Brent Ozar and Thomas LaRock do a 3 part video series on the power of Policy-based Management (PBM). Interestingly SCOM comes up several times in the discussion.   They cover the basics of PBM and Thomas goes into more depth on how he’s using it in his environment. The series is about 35 minutes in…


SQL Server 2008 R2 August CTP: Utility Bug

The August CTP of SQL Server 2008 R2 contains a bug in Management Studio when connected to a Control Point. You can find the details here: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sqlkjappmsmgmt/thread/03506a9b-e9b1-4d77-a3e1-28627e8f4867


Refreshing the IntelliSense Cache

There are cases where the local cache used by IntelliSense becomes stale. Refreshing the cache is easy but not necessarily obvious. There are two ways to refresh the cache: 1) Go to Edit -> IntelliSense -> Refresh Local Cache and 2) Hit Ctrl+Shift+R


Where The Heck is Activity Monitor?

You’re sitting at your desk rocking out to great music, you’ve just installed Management Studio 2008, you expand the Management node and start to click on Activity Monitor… Wait a second, What the %&*$#@, where’s Activity Monitor? Did those goofs over at MSFT kill off a perfectly good tool? The answer is yes and no….


Launching Vanilla PowerShell from SSMS

One of the criticisms of our PowerShell implementation is the integration with Management Studio launches our custom minishell. With just a few simple key strokes you can add a custom tool menu item and toolbar button. To do this select "External Tools…" from the "Tools" menu in Management Studio.   The following dialog is displayed….


Manageability Presentation from the SQL2K8 Launch

Several people have asked me for the presentation Praveen and I used for the Manageability session @ the SQL2K8 Launch event last month in LA. A version of the presentation is available on the DVD that all launch attendees received. However, the version we used in the session was slightly different. In any event, you…


IntelliSense & Debugger Support

A question came up at the launch event: will T-SQL Intellisense and the T-SQL Debugger support SQL2K5 and/or SQL2K. The situation involves connecting to these server versions from Management Studio 2008. The answer is no, in order to enjoy IntelliSense and the Debugger you have to be connected to a SQL Server 2008 Server.