Pilot Projects

I spent the first eight years of my career in enterprise IT for a Fortune 15 company. Back then IT was a vibrant work environment. Money was flowing into IT to fund resources, software, hardware and vendors. Today it’s a different story. The mantra for the past 11 years has been “do more with less”….


Forgot Your Password?

I’ve seen three basic patterns for handling forgotten web site passwords: Send a change password link to the email address on file Ask one or more challenge questions (or personal information) to unlock the change password screen Send the password, in plain text, to the email address on file There are different variations of these…


Not Everyone is an Expert

In my day to day work I interact mostly with experts in the field of database technology and database administration. Every once in a while I get a gentle reminder that not everyone is an expert. Those reminders often come from forum questions from newbie and intermediate DBAs. When I come across one of these…


Calling All Web Developers

Are you a web developer? Regardless if you use the MS stack, an open source stack, or a combination please take a few minutes to fill out this survey on web-based database management tools. It’s especially important if you use MySQL and PHPMyAdmin in a hosted environment. Seriously the survey is short. Thanks!


What Makes a Strong Community?

I often hear people characterize the MySQL community as strong and vibrant. In fact I’ve heard people attribute MySQL’s success to the strength of the community. I think SQL Server has a very robust community but that’s just my opinion. So what makes a strong community? I think it boils down to two simple characteristics:…


What kind of DBA are you?

Buck Woody likes to joke there are two types of people in the world: those who believe there are two types of people and those who don’t. Rim shot please. All joking aside there are two types of DBAs: those who are myopic and those who are leaders. This is greatly simplifying things but it’s…


What Has 2 Thumbs & Is Excited About Windows 7?

Answer: This guy! I’ve been following very closely the press and reviews on the early peaks of Windows 7. I’m not as big of a Vista hater as some people out there. In fact I like the OS. I recently had to reinstall XP on another machine and was absolutely astonished how old it looked…


What’s In Your Database?

How many different database objects are there? I don’t know the answer either but off the top of my head I’d guess somewhere between 50 and 100, depending on how you count them. Yes, I could go count them but I’m writing this on a Saturday and between you and me I’m just too lazy…


Getting Started in the Community

As an under-grad student @ Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, some 18 years ago, I first experienced the power of the technical community. I was working on a group project to build a little app for the Mac. The class was Software Engineering, CSC440, which covers the entire software lifecycle – requirements, design, implementation and…


Scripting DBA Actions

Last Thursday morning @ the PASS Summit I participated in a panel discussion on automating DBA tasks. It was a great discussion and I was humbled by the other panel members. During the discussion I jotted down a few notes that I didn’t get to mention during the talk. The talk was recorded and will…