Moving Databases Between SQL Azure Servers

This week I had to move a couple of databases between two SQL Azure accounts. I needed to decommission one account and thus get the important stuff out before nuking it. My goal was straight forward: move two databases from one SQL Azure server (and account) to another SQL Azure server (and account). The applications…


SQL Azure Now Supports Data-tier Applications

As announced today on the SQL Azure blog, SQL Azure now supports Data-tier Applications which are introduced with Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2. Here’s a quick tour of the feature.   Here’s what I did: Launch Visual Studio 2010 and create a new Data-tier Application project Import my pubs database from a…


Developing Data-tier Applications Using Visual Studio 2010

Check out this rocking video of Sanjay Nagamangalam demoing the Data-tier Application functionality within Visual Studio 2010. Sanjay is a GPM on the SQL Server team. Sanjay has sessions at SQL PASS and PDC.


PDC Session on the Data-tier Application Component

Are you going to this year’s PDC? Are you still on the fence? There’s a very cool session @ PDC on the data-tier application component called “Simplifying Application Packaging and Deployment with SQL Server 2008 R2”. Yes, that’s probably one of the longest session titles ever. Omri Bahat, a PM on my team, recently sat…