MVPs: Evangelists in Sheep’s Clothing?

I was recently talking to a co-worker and I characterized MVPs as evangelists, among other things. I got a very strong reaction – negative. I know full well this posting is going to rub some MVPs the wrong way – like petting a cat against the grain! However, I like stirring things up a bit…


Pilot Projects

I spent the first eight years of my career in enterprise IT for a Fortune 15 company. Back then IT was a vibrant work environment. Money was flowing into IT to fund resources, software, hardware and vendors. Today it’s a different story. The mantra for the past 11 years has been “do more with less”….


SQL Server Code Name “Denali” – Supported OSes and Upgrade Paths

We are looking for feedback on three items for SQL Server Code Name “Denali”. First, are the supported OSes. Second, are the supported upgrade paths. Third, is the way the installer handles unsupported OSes and upgrade paths. Specifically we want to know if these will slow down your adoption of SQL Server Code Name “Denali”….


Forgot Your Password?

I’ve seen three basic patterns for handling forgotten web site passwords: Send a change password link to the email address on file Ask one or more challenge questions (or personal information) to unlock the change password screen Send the password, in plain text, to the email address on file There are different variations of these…